3 DIY Projects for Winter Weekends

    What better way to kick off the new year than by giving your home a fresh new look? Check out these fun DIY projects to do at home this winter!

    1. Make a Mason Jar Display in Bathroom
    It’s easy for bathroom essentials, like Q-tips, cotton swabs, tissues, and shaving & makeup supplies to get disorganized and messy. Streamline your necessities into pint-sized Mason jars to keep everything in one place and squared away. Not only will you give your bathroom a clean, new look, but you’ll also have an easier time dusting and cleaning your shelves or counters. This DIY project is a quick, simple way to kill a few hours on a winter weekend!

    2. Paint a Textured Wall
    Ready to repaint a room in your home? We’ve got an inventive way to add texture to your your walls! Buy an inexpensive broom at your nearby hardware store, and brush it onto your walls after applying a fresh coat of paint with a rolling brush. Be sure to maintain a steady stroke to ensure the line texture is straight and consistent. This is a great way to hide parts of older walls that are uneven, rather than paying to have them resurfaced.

    3.  Create a Trendy Bar Tray
    Make your cocktails fixings and glassware accessible, organized, and attractive with this DIY bar tray! It’s hard to find a bar cart that’s inexpensive and petite, especially if you have limited space in your home. We’ve got a solution for you! You’ll need to buy two things: a) Visit your nearby home goods store and purchase an edged wooden tray that would fit all of your bar ingredients. b) Go on Amazon.com and purchase a restaurant tray stand that would accommodate your wooden tray. There are lots of stainless steel options that will compliment the wooden tray. Simply place the tray atop the stand and you’ve got yourself a terrific place to make and serve cocktails to your guests!

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