4 Ways to Keep Your Home Costs Down This Winter

    1. Swap Out Your Light Bulbs for Energy-Efficient Bulbs
    It might be a bigger cost initially, but investing in energy-efficient light bulbs such as LED and CFL bulbs will keep your electricity costs down this winter. Over the lifetime of a single incandescent bulb, you’ll pay 5 to 10 times the price you originally paid for that bulb…so it’s time for you to swap out the old and bring in the new! There are a number of different colors and glows that you can choose to best fit each room in your home.

    2. Lower the Heat and Put on a Sweater
    It’s easy to turn up the heat in your home before deciding to warm up with a wool sweater instead. Make an effort this winter to save money by using what you might already have, such as long underwear, a sweater, a warm hat, slippers, and other cozy layers! If you need to upgrade to a warm sweater or pair of slippers, consider the lifetime guaranteed options at L.L. Bean.

    3.  Cover Drafty Windows
    The tiny cracks in windows are notorious for letting chilly air into your house. You can avoid this problem and lofty heating costs by placing a clear plastic sheet on your windows frames during the winter months. This will seal out the cold air without having to put down the shades. Better yet, you’ll get the added bonus of sunlight streaming through your windows and naturally warming your home. Visit your nearby hardware store to find window sheets or clear plastic tape to will best fit your needs.

    4. Put Your Ceiling Fans in Reverse
    You might not know that ceiling fans can both cool AND heat your home! Use this to your advantage this winter and lower your heating costs. Simply turn on the fans to rotate clockwise on a low setting, which will help contain the warm air in your home rather than pushing it up and out as it would in the summer. You’ll avoid having to turn up your heat, and can celebrate the low cost at the end of the month.

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