Easy Steps to Brighten Your Home

    Ready to sell your home or just eager to brighten your space? The number one thing you can do to improve your home’s appeal is to make it feel light, bright and airy. Light makes your home feel bigger when compared to other houses with the same basic square footage. Try these easy tricks to lighten up your home.

    1. Clean your windows regularly. Even a small layer of dust can change the natural lighting in a room.
    2. Remove heavy drapes. If you love curtains, opt for sheers or lace panels. They will emphasize your windows like drapes but will also let more light in.
    3. Open all of your blinds. Every morning, open your blinds to let the light pour in and see how your space dramatically changes.
    4. Clean the globes on all of your light fixtures. Did you know the glass globes on ceiling lights and ceiling fans can be run through the dishwasher on the top rack.
    5. Replace all light bulbs. You’ll be surprised how much different it looks when you replace dim bulbs. Try a 75 watt bulb compared to a 40 watt.
    6. Choose brighter colors. Light bounces off lighter colored walls, making the room seem big and airy. Instead of white, try buttercream, barely gray or other almost-not-tinted color to brighten up a room.
    7. Use mirrors. Mirrors are a great way to help direct light exactly where it’s needed. When you’re confronted with a dark room that seems to have no good solutions for light, try adding a mirror.

    Unsure if your home is ready to list or need more tips? Talk to us about doing a quick walkthrough of your home! We’d be happy to point out places where you should focus your efforts.

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