It’s Grilling Season!

    Whether you are a beginner or a pro on the grill, you can always use few grilling hacks to get you started. Let’s make sure you’re ready for summer family BBQ’s.

    No Brush? Use balled up aluminum foil held with chef tongs to scrub the grill before cooking.

    Kebab Time? No need to soak wooden skewers before grilling if you plan ahead. Take a batch, soak in water, then put in the freezer to be ready anytime.

    Oil Your Veggies. Tossing them in olive oil before grilling helps them to not stick.

    Sear, Don’t Steam! If you’re looking for those perfect crispy marks, pat your meat dry on both sides before putting them on the grill. Wet meat steams instead of searing to perfection.

    Let Your Meat Rest. Sit it on a plate uncovered after you’re done cooking. This lets the juices redistribute and keeps the brown crust you created held together. If you cover, the steam will turn it soggy. Don’t do that!

    Fire? Ain’t nobody got time for that! The quickest and safest way to put out a grill fire is to put the lid on. It will snuff out the fire without damaging the grill, patio or home.

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