It’s Time to Deck the Halls!

    Are you entertaining at your house this holiday season? It doesn’t take much to make guests feel at home and comfortable when they visit. Get your home in prime condition with these simple tips for welcoming guests during the holidays!

    1. Don’t Go Overboard with Decor
    There’s no need to go overboard with decor—a little goes a long way! Pick out some evergreen or winter berry branches to put on a mantel or in a vase. Hang a wreath on your door or above the fireplace. Arrange holiday cards on a shelf or a festive garland in your living room.

    2. Put Together a Necessities Basket
    Make your guests feel at home with a basket of necessities for their stay. In a basket, arrange travel-size shampoo and soap, bottled water, bags of mixed nuts or crackers, a magazine, and extra bedding. This will provide them with the essentials they don’t have to ask for!

    3. Stock Up Food & Beverages
    Before your guests arrive, ask them about diet restrictions and food preferences. Make sure to accommodate their needs when you do your holiday grocery shopping. Not only will this help you avoid last-minute meal changes, but you will also make them feel comfortable and most at home with preparing food and drinks they enjoy.

    4. Get Rid of Clutter
    When you have guests in your home, it’s easy for their stuff to get shuffled in with your own belongings. Avoid more clutter by cleaning up loose papers, magazines, your kids’ toys, and other items scattered in your home. Better yet, take an hour or two to purge your house of lingering and unnecessary belongings!

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