6 Staging Tips to Sell Your House Quickly

    You don’t have to be an interior designer to properly stage your home for prospective buyers. When you start showing your home, appearance is everything! These tips will help highlight the best parts of your home without the distracting, “lived-in” look.

    1. Clear Away the Clutter

    Potential buyers don’t want to see your magazines, assorted papers, and other random items scattered around your house. Before a showing, clear away the clutter to make each room look as appealing and livable as possible. This includes putting away personal belongings such as toys, bathroom essentials, and clothes.

    2. Fix or Replace Damages

    Identify the areas in your home where there are dents in walls, chipped paint, scratched floors, or other damages. Before showing your home to prospective buyers, fix or replace these damages to give the best first impression possible!

    3. Style Your Home

    This is a fun one! Make your room especially attractive and welcoming for potential buyers. Add some style and flair to your home by placing a flower bouquet on the dining room table, arranging throw pillows on a couch or bed, or putting a few candles in your bathroom.

    4. Organize Your Closets and Cabinets

    The people who tour your home will want to see every inch of it, which includes closets, cabinets, and other closed spaces. Ensure that the contents of these spaces are neat and organized before every showing.

    5. Clean, Clean, Clean!

    Before a showing, give your house a thorough makeover: vacuum and mop the floors, clean windows, dust grimy surfaces, and empty the trash bins from every room in your house. For a finishing touch, spray each room with a mild air freshener to get rid of odors. Even if you can’t smell anything bad, it’s easier for guests to pick up on odors when they’re not around them all the time.

    6. Customize Brochures For Buyers

    Go above and beyond and create a brochure for potential buyers that includes information on local schools, restaurants, nearby attractions, and anything else that would make them want to move right away. It’s important to remember that you’re not just selling a house, but also promoting the community and town in which they’d be living.

    Share your staging tips with us below!

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